Metal Plate Type Hopper Heaters


Celsun design & manufactures Plate Type Hopper Heater with SS Tube type heater enclosed in MS ( Plated) enclosure. The Hopper heater is supplied with cold lead wire and hardware.


Celsun Metal Plate Hopper heater is made of MS / SS Plate with SS Tube type Heater fitted on inner side of plate, provided with inbuilt junction box / thermostat. Plate Type Hopper heater is rigid, can be Mounted over hopper with rod / nut in close contact. The Ni-Cr heating elements are inside SS tube.

Technical Data

  • Maximum Operating: 250°C

  • Maximum withstand Temperatures: 350 °C

  • POWER RATING: Customised.

  • VOLTAGE: 480 VAC

  • SIZE: Customised.

  • AREA: Safe

  • Heating element: nickel chrome wire


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...