Automatic Tube Cleaning System




The Regular Problem: The fouling in shell & tube heat exchanger is unavoidable. The thickness of fouling inside your tube go on increasing ( till you decide to clean it) reducing the heat transfer performance and increasing the system pressure. The direct impact of fouling is LOSS in profitability of any business. On one hand, it make your production costly by spending more on energy bills & on other hand you, lose revenue on account of production loss. The old way to clean your heat exchangers ( HVAC, Process or Power plants) require costly shutdown, harmful chemicals and ongoing operating expenses with risk of damaging tubes.

The Permanent Solution: The new way begins with one little ball. This one little ball and dozen like it keeps heat exchanger tubes forever clean. The is called Automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS). A proven technology tried, tested, approved and recommended by thousand of worldwide clients across HVAC, Chemicals, refinery process & power plant industries.

It’s amazing what a little ball can do to your business:

  • It saves energy bill. ( Up to 20% in energy bills).
  • Restore  the original Cooling Capacity lost due to fouling.
  • Eliminates costly downtime. ( This saving is industry specific)
  • Extend the life of your capital equipment. ( more than 20%.)
  • Lower down the maintenance cost.
  • Optimize the process efficiency or COP.
  • Improve the power output up to 5% in case of power plant.

The system often pays for itself in less than 1 year. In some cases its cost is recovered in few hours by saving production loss on account of  avoiding compulsory shutdown.