Electric Heat Tracing System

We are authorized distributor for Pentair Thermal Management formerly known as Tyco Thermal Controls. Pentair is number one global organization in heat tracing solutions for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. Driven by innovation, Pentair Thermal Management offers world class products and turnkey solutions under  renowned brand  Raychem.

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Heat Tracing Applications are freeze Protection, Condensation prevention, Crystallization prevention, Solidification prevention, Viscosity reduction, Preventing Bacteria growth, Maintaining temperature and special applications. Our product & services find application in Petrochemicals, Hotel, Cold Storage, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Power Plant, Edible oil, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Yarn & textile, Hospitals, Cosmetics, Vanaspati, Soap, Fertilizer, Paints and other industries.

RAYCHEM Self-Regulating Heating cables

The Raychem Self-regulating cables revolutionized the heat tracing industry. We have most wide range of self-regulating cables providing freeze protection and process temperature maintenance up to 1210C and withstand intermittent exposures to 2150C. Contact us to design the best solution for your application. For application exceeding the range of self-regulating cables, Raychem VPL heating cables are used. These power-limiting cables maintain temperature greater than 1500C and withstand continuous exposure to 2600C. For long line and high temperature application Raychem STS cables (Skin Effect Tracing System) are recommended. STS cables maintain temperature up to 2000C and withstand continuous exposure to 2500C while providing power output up to 150 W/m.

RAYCHEM mineral insulated cables

The Raychem brand of mineral insulated cables finds application where high temperature up to 5500C is to be maintained. Apart from heat tracing application, Raychem MI the only true fire survival cable system provides the ideal solution to many difficult and demanding wiring installation. MI cable exceeds all worldwide fire performance standards. The Raychem MI cable System is the natural choice for domestic, commercial and industrial application. Typical application range from airport, Rail & road tunnels, Metro Links, Hotels, Petrochemicals, shopping malls & power stations.


The Tracer brand of heat-tracing integration services is turnkey execution of heat tracing projects. From system design to supply of components to erection & commissioning of heat tracing system. It’s a total solution under one roof. The scope is to design & commission complete electric heat tracing system – the power distribution, Control & Monitoring system, Heat delivery system & Thermal Insulation system.

Raychem control and monitoring systems

The Raychem  control and monitoring systems provides scalable solutions for both hazardous and nonhazardous locations. They also features continuous programming and monitoring technology to change system settings, detect heat tracing faults and provide alarm indication. Different models like NGC-30, NGC-40, and DIGITRACE 910 & 920 are available. Please download brochure to know features.

TraceCalc Pro

TraceCalc Pro is design software free to download from Pentair website. It is user-friendly software that designs the best suitable heat-tracing solution for your particular project. It also calculate for you the important heat-tracing system design data such as: pipe heat loss, number of circuits, electrical loads, etc., while generating Bill of Material for your heat tracing system. In case of design assistance, please feel free to contact us.