Multi-Drum Heating Oven



CELSUN design & manufactures a full line of drum & tote heating ovens (Hot Boxes) that use electric, steam or thermal fluid, to heat materials to a maximum temperature of 300°F. Standard models accommodate (1) to (32) drums, or (1) to (8) totes. The purpose of heating the drums or totes is typically to either maintain or alter the molecular properties of the materials within.

CELSUN drum & tote heaters are used to preserve the properties of materials initially above ambient temperature. Materials (like some oils) that have a tendency to thicken at cooler temperatures are stored at elevated temperatures to maintain their thinner viscosity so that they can be more easily mixed or pumped. Materials (like honey) that tend to crystallize at cooler temperatures are stored to maintain their fluidity. Products (like paint) that will freeze in cold outdoor environments are stored in heating ovens long term to prevent freeze damage.

Drum hot boxes are also used to change the properties of materials initially in an ambient or below ambient temperature state. Products that are solid at room temperature (like wax) are heated and melted to liquid form.
Volatiles (like solvents) that become more volatile at elevated temperatures are heated for more rapid evaporation. Perishable food items (like orange juice) that have been frozen are heated so that the contents can be poured or dumped from the drum.

The elevated temperatures achieved within CELSUN drum heating ovens either maintain the properties or change the properties of the materials being heated.

  • Control viscosity
  • Melting
  • Freeze Protection
  • Increase evaporation


Guide to select the best Model:

  • Define your application
  • Tell us required capacity of drums – 4 /8/12/16/20
  • What is your Temperature requirement?
  • Available Heating Medium. – Electric / Steam / Thermic Fluid / Other.
  • Control options
  • Area Classification