Oil Cleaning Solutions

Goodbye to process unreliability & breakdowns! Ultra Oil Cleaning System will bring smile to everybody!!

We are aware of the No.1 cause for the problems related to hydraulic or lubrication system. i.e. Large & Micro particles, salt, oxidation and water in system Oil. What is our usual solution to this problem? Periodic oil replacement & online oil filters. But do our problem really solves? Honestly No. This is only minimizing the problem. Our process is subjected to high risk of breakdown or unplanned production stoppage.
Imagine a solution that makes our system oil 100% clean all the time. That means in theory oil is not required to change. Clean oil means clean machine components which mean no wear & tear.
Presenting patented Oil cleaning system from Europafilter to Indian Industries. Europafiler has helped many leading industries from all over the world to solve oil related process problems. It is the only Mechanical oil cleaning system in 0.1 micron category. It is a offline filter that provides deep filtration of oil and remove water. When particles (down to 0.1 micron) and water is removed from the oil, the oxidation ceases. Without oxidation, the oil retains its original lubrication & cooling qualities & in theory never needs to change!

Special features of Europafilter Ultra oil cleaning Solution:

  • No oil change – save oil cost.
  • Ultra cleaned oil – cleaning of machines parts.
  • Maintenance cost down by 80%
  • Improves process reliability.
  • Helps to improve the quality of production.
  • Oil consumption is reduced by 90% – saving earth from toxic waste oil.
  • Simple to install & change filter.



Save Oil Save Earth!!


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