Underfloor Heating Cables

The intelligent underfloor heating system. 

The Raychem T2 self-regulating system senses other heat sources, such as solar radiation, electrical appliance and lighting. It automatically adjusts its heat output accordingly. In colder places, such as near windows and doors, more heat is produced by the system. In warmer places, such as under rugs and furniture, less heat is produced.

The cables do not overheat, meaning that there is unlimited flexibility for moving your furniture around.

What does self-regulating mean ?

Many years ago, Raychem developed self-regulating heating cables. They automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. The outer jacket, braid and inner jacket provide mechanical, chemical and electrical protection… but the magic happens in the conductive core. The conductive core is extruded over the two, parallel conductors. As the ambient temperature drops , the core contracts microscopically and the number of electrical paths through the core increases. More heat is produced. Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the core expands and has fewer electrical paths, less heat is produced. A self-regulating heating cable adjusts its power output along its entire length. That’s what makes it a safe and reliable solution for many applications.


The advantages of a self-regulating underfloor heating system:


  1. Safety and reliability
  • Avoids overheating.
  • The cable can be closely spaced.
  • Maintenance-free


  1. Easy installation
  • The cable can be cut-to- length (e.g. when it needs to be adjusted to complex room shapes).
  • The cable can be installed directly on the existing subfloor.


  1. Energy efficiency

● By adjusting its output to the room temperature

The Raychem Intelligent Underfloor Heating system can be installed on all subfloors:-

  • Plastic.
  • Concrete.
  • Wood.
  • In wet areas.
  • In dry areas.

The Raychem  Underfloor Heating Cable system is:-

– Easily adapted to all room shapes and sizes.

– Flexible. Cut to length, no cold lead needed.

– Ideal for renovation. Reduced height (max. 8mm).

Raychem Underfloor Heating applications:-

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Conservatories
  • Children’s rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Extensions


Top floor: Tiles. Parquet. Natural Stone. Laminate. Carpet.*

Subfloor:  Cement screed. Anhydrite screed. Wooden floor. Gypsum board. Timber floor board. Asphalt screed.

How much cable to order.

Which power output do I need?

  1. New construction – good insulation.

35 W/m2 – 60 W/m2.

  1. Renovation – good insulation.

60 W/m2 – 100 W/m2.

  1. Insufficient insulation – more output required.

> 100 W/m2.

The above values are for comfort heating. Make a heat-loss calculation if in doubt. (Insulation, room size, number of windows etc.)  or contact us.


Technical data Raychem Underfloor Heating Cable.

Power Output. 50 – 100 W/m2 (5 -15 W/m)*.
Voltage. AC 230 V.
Maximum Heating Cable Circuit Length. 100 m @ 10 A.
Max. Self-generating temperature. 45⁰C.
Max. Exposure temperature. 65⁰C.
Min. Bending Radius. 35mm.
Max. Dimensions (width and height). 6,0 mm x 8.7 mm.

* depending on the cable spacing/floor construction and covering. Values stated in stable conditions at 25⁰C floor temperature.