Cold Room Door Heating

Celsun markets a comprehensive range of refrigeration heating cables, suited for the de-icing of drain lines and freezer doors and the anti-condensation of refrigerated window displays. We design & supply constant wattage & Self regulating type Door Heaters Cord ( Factory Pre terminated Length) Output 15 - 22.5Watts / M at 230V With 500mm cold end & compression gland and earthing lug for connection.

A wide range of drain line heating cables are available in factory terminated, ready to use form, for use in the refrigeration application, such as cold stores, refrigerators and deep freezer, designed to ensure cold store drain lines are kept free of ice at all times.

Raychem self regulating heating cable Model BTV is suitable for internal and external freeze protection and low temperature maintenance. Raychem BTV has a varying wattage output relative to the actual temperature of the heating cable.