Fibre Glass Cloth Hopper Heater


Hopper Surface Heating Systems maintain elevated temperatures above moisture and acid dew points. We design & Manufacture Fiber Glass Cloth hopper heaters suitable for ESP Hoppers, Bag house Hoppers, Material & dust collector Hoppers. Please send us duly filled design request form to design and submit our technical proposal.

Celsun Flexible Hopper heating pads are designed to cover the maximum area of the Hopper. Hence it gives uniform heat transfer throughout the surface, avoiding any hot-spot or carbonization of the content. Temperature is uniform and can easily be controlled. The elements are designed to work in black – heat region and loosely follow the vessel surface temperature. Our modular design provides the

  • Easiest and lowest cost-of-installation

  • Most cost-effective and energy-efficient heat possible across a large surface area


The electrical Fiber Glass Hopper heating pad consists of nichrome wire heating elements insulated with two braids of glass-fiber yarn and impregnated with class f varnish. The element is spread over closely woven glass cloth carrier at a uniform pitch and again sandwiched between two layers of glass cloth.

The lead wires, comprising of fiberglass and Teflon insulated copper wire, are taken out from one side. Eyelets are provided for fixing the pads on vessel. Tying laces may also be provided for smaller size.

Technical Data

  • Maximum temperature resistant of insulate: 250°C

  • Maximum Operating Temperatures: 180 °C

  • Power deviation: 8%

  • Insulating resistance: 5 M Ohms

  • Compressive strength: 1500V/5S

  • Width: 20mm-1000mm;Length: 25mm-1000mm

  • Voltage: 230V-480V,or customized

  • Heating element: nickel chrome wire


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