Steam Heat Tracing

Celsun has experience & expertise in designing, Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of Steam Heat Tracing System. Steam tracing is recommended when rapid heating is required and client has availability of excess steam. Typical components of Steam Heat Tracing Systems are:

  • Copper tube

  • Copper Tube Tee & Copper Tube Union

  • Hose Clamp

  • Steam Valves

  • Steam Traps

  • Steam Distribution Manifold

  • Condensate Collection Manifold

  • Control valves

  • Temperature control & monitoring system

  • Insulation


Tracing Medium

Low pressure steam shall be used for tracing medium unless otherwise specified.

Tracing Method

Tracer (heating pipe) shall be installed as single line, in contact with pipe or piece of equipment to be traced, in parallel along the traced pipe and insulated together with process pipe.

1.Steam Distribution Manifold (D.M)

“D.M.” shall be installed to minimize the number of branches from the low pressure steam main header at a location where valves can easily be operated. The size of connection piping and D.M. is determined from Table 1.

Table 1 – Sizing for D.M. Header

Total number of steam supply tracer piping per one D.M. Header Nominal size of D.M. Header (inch) Nominal size of steam feed connection piping (inch)
1 – 3 2” 1”
4 – 6 2” 1-1/2”
7 -15 3” 2”

2.Steam Tracer

The size of tracer shall be 3/8” or ½” with 30 m of max. traced length. Longer tracer runs may be possible based on the actual calculated heat loss for a given pipe under equilibrium conditions and the allowable circuit pressure.

3.Number and Size of Tracers

Tracer sizes shall only be 3/8” or ½” copper tube, carbon steel or stainless steel tube. The below table should be used as a guideline to indicate the number of tracers required.

Table 2 – Size number and material of tracer

(inch) Size Q’ty
1-1/2” and smaller 3/8” 1
2” ~ 3” ½” 1
4” ½” 1
6” ~ 16” ½” 2
18” ~ 24” ½” 3
26” and larger ½” 4

4.Condensate Collection Manifold (C.M)

The header size of “C.M.” shall be of 2” or 3”. Condensates will be either collected by being routed to a close condensate header or drained gravel funnels depending on the area of plant. The condensate discharge from condensate collector in onsite process areas shall be discharges into a closed condensate return system. The condensate discharge from condensate collector in offsite areas shall be discharged into a dry well (open system: 6” gravel funnel). The condensate collection manifold, including valve and steam trap, shall be accessible from grade or platform.

Table 3 – Sizing for C.M. Header

Total number of steam supply tracer piping per one C.M. Header Nominal size of C.M. Header (inch) Nominal size of condensate return piping (inch)
1 – 3 2” 1”
4 – 6 2” 1-1/2”
7 -15 3” 2”

Celsun undertake complete turnkey project on Steam heat Tracing. Please contact us with detail specification, application, data & requirements to submit our techno-commercial proposal.