Tank Heat Tracing

In industries, fluid or solid is stored in small, medium and large-volume, industrial storage tanks, hopper, silos and vessels. Vessel heating systems are required for freeze protection and maintaining liquid temperatures. Thanks to marketing and design tie-up with world’s largest heat management company nVent, USA, we at Celsun, ensure that your stored fluid is at required temperature irrespective of outside temperature. Typical applications for tank heating systems and vessels include

  • Freeze protection of fluids (e.g. water, oil, wax, ammonia)

  • Temperature maintenance for fluids (e.g. oils, phenol, chocolates, syrup, resins)

  • Crystallization prevention (e.g. glucose, sugar syrup, caustic soda)

  • Condensation prevention (e.g. chlorine, fly ash)

In case of Vessel Heat management, the nature of problems could be freeze protection, viscosity control, Temperature maintenance, Heat-up, Prevent Condensation, Preventing Bacteria Growth, Preventing Crystallization or any other special challenge. Whatever may be the challenge, Celsun has proven solution. Solution that works! We have worked with many storage fluids such as Water, Gas, Solvents, Chlorine, Salts, Glucose, Sugar syrup, Starch, Low Sulfur Fuel Oils, Wax, Petroleum Jelly, PUF Chemicals, Phenol, Sulfur, Chocolates, Hydrogenated Oils, Soap, Fuel Oil, Bitumen Coal Tar, Lube Oil / Grease, etc.

Overview of Celsun Tank Heat Trace System

  • Design, Supply & installation of Raychem Electric heat trace cables, traced around tank / Silo / Hopper.

  • Design, Supply & installation control & monitoring systems, selecting right devices such thermostats, controllers, and electric panels that monitor and or control heat trace cables to help maintain the temperature of the fluid through a heat traced vessel.

  • Design, Supply & installation Connection kits and accessories such as Junction Boxes, end seals, aluminum tape and labels.

  • Design, Supply & installation Power cable, control cable and insulation.

Vessel Heating Heat Management