Heat Exchanger (HVAC) Tube Cleaning

There are many methods / Technologies of Tube Cleaning in Offline and Online. After studying pros and cons of all the available technologies, Celsun decided to bring to its client the BEST Solution. This is Sponge Ball based Online Tube Cleaning. We are marketing channel partner for Vulcan Online Condenser Tube Cleaning System ( VOCCYS). Vulcan is largest manufacturer of Sponge balls in India. Sponge balls are heart of system. Their balls are used by OEM’s and user of ATCS worldwide. VOCCYS offers following benefits to its user:

  • Higher Productivity of Industrial Process

  • Production Downtime Reduction

  • Direct saving up to 20% in Electricity & maintenance cost of Air-conditioning Chillers.

  • Maintaining Heat Transfer efficiency in Steam Condenser & Process Heat Exchangers in Refineries, Chemical Plants & Power Plants.

  • Life Booster for HVAC Chiller, Steam Condenser & Process Heat Exchangers

  • Reduces Carbon Foot Print of organization.

The above benefits are documented by many renowned energy consultants & end users. The simple reason why Vulcan Online Condenser Tube Cleaning System ( VOCCYS) works, can be understood by effect of fouling on Heat exchanger ( condenser) tubes, if No online cleaning system is installed. It is well established fact that fouling results in:

  • Reduction of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Heat Exchangers (Condenser & Evaporator)

  • Reduction of Cooling Capacity of the Chiller

  • Increase in Specific Power Consumption of Chillers up to 20%

  • Higher working discharge pressure of compressors that affects compressor life.

  • Stoppage of Chillers

  • Reduction of condenser tube life

  • Forced periodic shut down for cleaning affecting production, purchase of spare system, etc.

The Permanent Solution: Install Vulcan Online Condenser Tube Cleaning System (VOCCSYS HVAC, Chemicals, refinery process & power plant Heat exchanger or condenser and above mentioned savings. Your one decision to install VOCCYS will benefit:

  • You

  • Me &

  • Us

It’s amazing what VOCCYS can do to your business:

  • It saves energy bill. (Up to 20% in HVAC system).

  • Eliminates costly downtime. ( This saving is industry specific)

  • Extend the life of your capital equipment. (More than 20%.)

  • Lower down the maintenance cost.

  • Optimize the process efficiency.

  • Improve the power output up to 5% in case of power plant.

The system often pays for itself in less than 1 year. In some cases its cost is recovered in few hours by saving production loss on account of avoiding compulsory shutdown. Please send us duly filled design request form to help us to promote this ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY across Indian Industries which benefits us ALL.

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