All Heating or Heat Tracing System requires precise Temperature control & monitoring. This is done with the help of Temperature Sensor, Thermostat and Temperature controller. Celsun offers vast range of world-class control & monitoring instruments. We help you to select right model and right instruments based on Area classification, Application, Temperature Range, Precision / accuracy required, Type of control and monitoring required, Heating circuits, etc.

It is important to select correct Instrument. Please email us duly filled design request form else contact us for more information. We offer Raychem, ATEX rated Temperature Sensors, RTD PT100, Thermostat -mechanical, electronic or digital. Down load data sheet of popular models such as RAYCHEM MONI PT100 , Raychem NRG THERMOSTAT , RAYCHEM RAYSTAT E X 02, Raychem-ETS05.

Raystat Thermosat